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Crossing one off the list…My first completed craft of 2012

17 Jan

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve done it.  I’ve finished a project.  Granted, it is a tiny achievement in the grand crafting scheme of things, but it totally counts.

So, lately I have been intrigued by decorated headbands.  More specifically, the ones with big flowers and feathers, a la pin up girl style.  But each one I inspected had a flaw.  The flower was way too big.  The colors too garish.  Too much bling…much too much.  Or they are just far too expensive, when you break down what they’re made of.  And break it down I did.  Plastic flowers, some feathers and ribbon and whatnot.  Well hell, I had most of that at home anyway.  A quick trip to the craft store later and I had a box of pinbacks.  Attaching the embellishments to pinbacks would allow me to use them on sweaters, shirts, and of course, headbands (after all, that is what sparked the idea to begin with).

A little bit of low-temp hot glue and some random ideas later, I had these.

The pink one is going to look fantastic on the 50’s style dress I bought this past weekend.  A matching pair in a smaller scale would even work on a pair of shoes.  Now I’ve got an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes (as if I needed one!).