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2012 – Evolution, not Resololutions

16 Jan

With the start of every new year, comes resolutions.  You know, those things that have become kind of a joke because, let’s face it, rarely does anyone keep them.  I’m against making resolutions in general.  This year is not about resolutions, but evolution.  Finally getting off my butt and completing some of the dozens of projects I have planned/purchased materials for/been meaning to finish.  To stop planning to sew, craft, knit, paint, customize, photograph, cook, play, and oh yeah – blog about – and DO.  Change a few statuses from “novice” to at least, let’s say intermediate.  I’m great at making lists.  This year, I’m going to make a valiant effort to start crossing things off of said lists.

So here goes.  My first (hopefully of many) blog post of the year.  Soon to be followed by my first finished thing of the year.  And, now that I have mentioned this publicly, if my own motivation fails me, I’ll stick to it out of spite.  No one likes hearing “I told you so”.